Partial Product Multiplication Worksheets and PowerPoint for Grades 4-5
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Partial Product Multiplication Worksheets and PowerPoint

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Three worksheets that guide students through solving multiplication problems using a partial-product model, plus an explanatory PowerPoint.

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The final step before the standard multiplication algorithm

The partial product multiplication algorithm is a foundational piece of math in the fourth and fifth grades. This is the “link” between an area model for multiplication made of decomposed numbers and the traditional algorithm.

The partial product algorithm is a way for students to deepen their understanding of place value while multiplying. Once this is mastered, students are ready for the standard algorithm.

Download the sample to see all the pages.

Of course I provide a complete answer key.

Three PDF worksheets with 12 items each:

  • Worksheet 1 has simpler numbers to multiply and maintains all columns and rows to support students as they learn the pattern for solving these multiplication algorithms.
  • Worksheet 2 is the same as worksheet 1 except the numbers are a little more challenging.
  • Worksheet 3 removes some of the scaffolds for students as they grow toward mastery.

Start off your lesson with my comprehensive PowerPoint

It walks students through the process step-by-step, including models as well as practice slides. I use this in my class during whiteboard math so students can follow along and practice every step on their own.

My students always enjoy partial product multiplication because it makes sense to them. They have mastered their basic facts and they are ready to tackle larger numbers. Kids like following a pattern and partial product multiplication algorithms fill that bill!

Common Core Focus: Math

4th Grade

  • CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.B.5 Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.

5th Grade

  • CCSS.Math.Content.5.NBT.B.5 Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

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    I haven’t found a lot of partial products practice pages. These were helpful. I wish there was an editable version or a few more pages.

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    Excellent instructional resource

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    Awesome! make one for every standard!!! :)

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    I have been using this and the kids love it!

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    The PPT was rather slow and limited, but I like the worksheets to help students understand the steps of multiplication.

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    This is so helpful in teaching partial product multiplication; there is nothing out there, but it’s required in our curriculum. Thank you for the powerpoint as well!!!

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    I really needed this resource for my math class. Thanks so much for creating this!

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    Perfect for what I need for 4th grade and struggling or refreshing 5th grade,Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing. This was a great tool to help the students with multiplying.

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