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Classroom management is often the number one concern of new teachers. Every issue is a little different, but there are common elements to all of them. Check below to see if one of your questions has already been answered!

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Lessons Learned from Room Management Q&A


"Learn something every day." I'm sure some wise person should get credit for saying this, but it's really just common sense if you want to keep improving in your teaching...especially in the area of classroom management. When it comes to managing our elementary school classrooms, … [Read more...]

Misbehaving 6th Graders

Homework is for reinforcement, not frustration

Misbehaving 6th graders won't learn and won't listen. Here's how to re-engage them in school and homework using student motivation. Your Question I am teaching stage 6 in a British school in Egypt for Checkpoint Assessment. I am teaching my students for second year as I was their … [Read more...]

Poor Student Behavior and New Teacher Fear

They're cute until they stampede

Poor classroom management in a title building makes a teacher afraid to take over a classroom of her own. How to overcome the fear to provide these children what they need. Your Question I have just begun work at a local charter school as a Title One teacher, assisting in first … [Read more...]

Elementary Science Activities

Well that idea didn't work...

Managing Attitudes during Elementary Science Lesson Plans and Projects Elementary science activities have the capacity to drive tremendous enthusiasm for learning...if you manage frustration before it reaches the "I quit" stage. Your Question Should I create an "impossible task" … [Read more...]

Shy Children and Class Projects

They'll be happy to help...if you show them how

Helping a shy student be successful in a group Shy children can feel overwhelmed by group projects in elementary school. Teachers can make the difference between classroom success and isolation. Your Question How do I include a shy student in a group project without overwhelming … [Read more...]

Making Friends in School

Everyone wants to belong

A Lonely Student Can't be a Successful Learner Making friends in school can be a huge challenge for some students. Elementary teachers must help with socialization for the overall success of the child. When you see a girl or boy student who is isolated, it's time to bring them into the … [Read more...]

ADHD in the Classroom


Making the "Teacher Diagnosis" of ADHD in School Diagnosing ADHD in the classroom can be very tricky...and is NOT something a teacher should attempt to do on her own. Follow these steps. Your Question What should I do if I think a child has ADHD? Should I tell his parents? Should I … [Read more...]

Girls Bullying

No child should feel unsafe or isolated at school

Teaching How to "Tell" without Tattling Elementary girls bullying can have a very corrosive effect on your classroom team. Some girls hesitate to report it, which makes the problem even worse. Your Question Some of my girl students are not sharing threats to avoid my "no-tattling" … [Read more...]

Stop Verbal Bullying

Your classroom

Maintaining Classroom Control During Transitions Elementary school verbal bullying is as damaging as anything physical. Bully-proofing your school transitions is critical for your classroom community. Your Question I have issues with bullying when my students are between … [Read more...]

Classroom Management Resources for Advanced Learners

Bored...and about to blow

A Teacher-Student Relationship Built on Individualizing Do your advanced students cause behavior issues? Student engagement through select classroom management resources are the key. Your Question How do I control a smart kid who bothers others without de-motivating him? One of my … [Read more...]