Getting Teaching Jobs in Elementary Education

Step-by-Step to Success!

An aspiring teacher (you!) has a lot of options available for a fulfilling career as a professional educator. But...

Did you know...

The nation is training twice as many K-5 elementary school teachers as needed each year...

"...the market is 'flooded with elementary teachers' because universities and colleges don't make the effort to match supply and demand..."

USA Today

You need every advantage you can get!

Read on for my best tips and insights.

Substitute Teaching Helps You Practice for Success


Your Gateway to Full-Time Teaching Careers The road to a full-time job often passes through the substitute teaching phase, so this section provides plenty of advise for success in this critical role. Subbing may be a career choice for those people who want more flexibility their job, or … [Read more...]

Teacher Job Interview Portfolios

Be ready to "show what you know"

Ideas for Making a Great Impression Free download for new teachers...scroll down! A teacher interview portfolio is not often required; however if one is requested or expected, then you must be certain that you are ready to produce exactly what the interview committee … [Read more...]

Teacher Interview Preparation


Step-by-step for total confidence

Teacher interview preparation is your secret weapon; nearly every other applicant will show up the the interview without any effort to prepare at all - but no you! No on performs at their best without putting some effort into getting ready.

Step … [Read more...]

Teacher Interview Questions

Give complete answers...but be concise

Responding like a master

Who practices teacher interview questions and answers? You - the successful new teacher! So let's dive in and figure out how to answer the tough ones.

Look at the school's website if they have one

You may or may not glean much information from … [Read more...]

A Successful Subbing Day


What will you find when you fill in for the classroom teacher?

Well, when it comes to substitute teaching and what to do with the kids...pretty much all or nothing or something in between. (Real helpful, huh?) When they know sub teaching is in the cards, some classroom teachers will … [Read more...]