Elementary School Lesson Planning

Delivering Curriculum with Organization and Style

Before we get to elementary lesson plans, let's throw a party! It will be a large one; we'll invite about... oh... 25 or so people (about a classroom full!). We're doing all the cooking ourselves (yikes!), but we've got some great cookbooks and few websites we really like, plus some random notes from other friends who have done dinner parties.

Party time!

It's 6 pm on party night and the doorbell is ringing. Time to execute our perfect plan. Oops, forgot about the coats! Where are we supposed to put 25 coats?! And at least a third of our guests seem totally befuddled by the "get to know each other" game. No time to help them - gotta serve the first course.

Wow, six finished early while the rest are still trying to figure out which fork to use. Whoops! There's the smoke alarm. This whole thing seems to be falling apart. What's that? We're scheduled to do this again tomorrow?!

Elementary Lesson Plans: The Reality

Teachers throw a six-hour classroom "party" every single day. But where was the class in college when we learned how to transform curriculum in five different subjects into effective, engaging, day-long classroom experiences?

Who showed us how to account for kids whose understanding races ahead, or for those for whom the concept makes no sense at all? Or the ones who leave each day for specialists?

Well, I'm here to help out! These articles will give you the basics of lesson planning, delivery, assessment and reflection.

This section is currently under construction.

Elementary Lesson Plan Template


Part 2: Calendars and Schedules An elementary lesson plan template starts with the basic foundation of calendars and schedules. You can't plan even a single day if you don't know the big picture of the year-long testing and holiday calendar, as well as the weekly and daily flow of events in your … [Read more...]

Elementary Teacher Lesson Plans

What's next? They're waiting...

Part 1: Putting it All Together Effective teacher lesson plans do not come naturally...even to experienced educators! I entered the teaching profession as an experienced and organized mom with lots of classroom volunteer time at age 35. I had even worked in an elementary school office for two … [Read more...]