Effective parent-teacher meetings

"Stop the parent stress!"

Have you ever found yourself worrying about an upcoming parent-teacher meeting, or saying:

I want parents to work with me, not against me!"

You don't have to dread interaction with Mom and Dad. You can look forward to calling home any time without worrying about parent reactions... no matter what news you need to deliver.

And I've got everything you need, right here, in this collection of articles!

Here's just one sample from this section:

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Teacher Letters to Parents

Remember...sending home a positive note
about great behavior is a super idea

Notes, Newsletters & Emails A teacher letter to parents can take many forms, but they all have the purpose of cementing your strong parent-teacher relationship. There are some pitfalls to parent communication however. In this lesson, we learn how to avoid weak links in our communication … [Read more...]

Parent-Teacher Conference

"Missus Weigle? I've heard a lot about ya."

1-on-1 Meetings about Student Behavior A parent-teacher conference isn't just a twice-annual-event for reviewing schoolwork. Parent phone calls are the most-common means of communication, but sometimes a one-on-one meeting is in order. This can be nerve-wracking for teachers who have never … [Read more...]

Delivering News About Student Behavior


6 Steps to Delivering News About Poor Student Behavior The teacher-parent relationship will be strained when we communicate about poor student behavior. In this article, I reviewed "when" to call parents. Now I address "how"...and how is critical. There are some very important … [Read more...]

Parent-Teacher Communication Builds Strong Relationships

Make the first move

Partnering with Parents Parent-teacher communication is second only to the student-teacher communication in a successful classroom. Teachers are in partnership with parents to create the best possible education for kids. Do those statements seem kind of obvious? For many teachers, they … [Read more...]