Classroom Behavior Management

Classroom Routines without the Stress

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Classroom behavior management comes down to dozens (hundreds?) of specific daily interactions with students. Every situation presents a different opportunity to guide kids toward appropriate behavior that will enhance their ability to learn.

Misbehaving elementary boy makes funny face

There are definitely situations - especially those outside of normal classroom routines - that seem to focus, or perhaps concentrate, misbehavior factors.

A school field trip is definitely one of those situations. Getting your "field trip attitude" in place before you go is a huge step...prepare to be exhausted from a day of hyper-vigilence.

But the learning opportunities can be tremendous, and this article will help you make the most of the experience.

Speaking of field trips, there are lots of little ones that a class undertakes every day that have the potential for mischief. Every trip to:

  • Recess
  • Lunch
  • Library
  • P.E. an opportunity for kids to:

  • Be noisy
  • Disrupt others
  • Push, bump, shove
  • Touch the wrong stuff

Like I said...just like a field trip!

Video: Managing Classroom Seating to Manage Behavior

Getting students to excel at the student line up is the key to making trips outside your classroom stress-free. Getting from Point A to Point B quietly and efficiently helps you manage tight transitions without cutting into instructional time. That's why I highly recommend modeling and practicing lining up on the first day of school...and re-practicing as often as needed.

Another problem that can occur in younger grades during the line up process is students who run away. These elementary teacher resources for students on the run will help. It's not all that uncommon up through third grade, but there are some fairly easy steps to deal with it. Be might make you feel a little silly!

Stopping a Classroom Whining Epidemic

Student engagement can also minimize the universal human urge to whine and complain that is so often exaggerated in elementary-age children. This particular disease, however, is quite deeply-seated in the human psyche and it often takes a few specific anti-whining measures to get the problem under firm control.

We can't totally eliminate it - people young and old do love their gripe sessions! - but we can keep it from interfering with learning.

Engaging inquisitive little minds

No teacher has ever had a completely silent group of just aren't made that way! Talking in class can be a difficult problem if you try to deal with it in a "be-quiet-because-I'm-the-teacher" method.

Understanding the different reasons why kids talk is the first step, then setting appropriate expectations. But that is just the beginning... individualizing your approach to talkers, as I outline in this section, will allow you to master any "chatterbox" situation - even blurting out answers.

A classroom behavior management issue that will be faced by every teacher with more than one student is what to do when some children finish faster than others. As with all successful teaching methods, it takes some advance planning...but also includes a big dose of thinking on your feet. With these classroom teaching methods for students who finish work first and some tips on teaching children patience, you'll be ready for anything and will be able to keep an entire class engaged and learning at all times.

Classroom behavior management truly does come down to individualizing your classroom routines. With a few tricks up your sleeve - and the right attitude! - you can get your little ducks to line up and get the whole flock to behave in a productive manner.

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