Elementary Student Behavior Management

Classroom Routines without the Stress

Classroom behavior management comes down to dozens (hundreds?) of specific daily interactions with students. Every situation presents a different opportunity to guide kids toward appropriate behavior that will enhance their ability to learn.

There are definitely situations that seem to focus, or perhaps concentrate, misbehavior factors. These articles will help you handle them with ease!


Student Desks and Behavior Management

What is the purpose of a coat closet? Storing coats, of course… and not teaching supplies. I’d like to argue for fulfilling the real purpose of your classroom’s coat closet, which is storing your students’ personal items, including backpacks. Tip: If you are covering up coat hooks with teacher stuff, you are not allowing your […]



Managing Your Daily School Schedule

It would be hard to overstate how important a regular school schedule is to the success of your elementary students. Humans like to know what’s going to happen next. Remove the stress of not knowing and help your students help you stay on track!



Getting First Day of School Buy-In

What’s a teacher’s number one goal for first day of school activities? I can’t speak for others, but my goal is simple: I want the children to buy into me completely as their teacher/leader by the end of the day.



Making the Elementary Student Line Up Work

Good behavior management for the student line up is critical to keep your students from interfering with the learning of other classes. Left to themselves, kids will become a thundering herd sweeping everything in their path.



Managing Talking in Your Classroom

Talking in class is a big issue – maybe even the biggest issue – for elementary teachers. Every teacher, without exception, has had to deal with a student who simply cannot stop talking.



Managing Elementary Classroom Jobs

A handful of classroom jobs can serve a variety of purposes in your classroom community. Kids like to feel useful, and contributing to the cleanliness or orderliness of the room can help them feel good about themselves while serving group needs.