Elementary Student Behavior Management

Classroom Routines without the Stress

Classroom behavior management comes down to dozens (hundreds?) of specific daily interactions with students. Every situation presents a different opportunity to guide kids toward appropriate behavior that will enhance their ability to learn.

There are definitely situations that seem to focus, or perhaps concentrate, misbehavior factors. These articles will help you handle them with ease!

School Schedule

Minute-by-Minute through a Day in My Classroom It would be hard to overstate how important a regular school schedule is to the success of your elementary students. Humans of all ages simply like comfortable routines...we like to know what's going to happen … [Read more...]

Effective Classroom Management 101


Managing your Classroom is the Key to Creating a Learning Environment It is telling that so much is written about effective classroom management...nearly as much about managing students as how to teach them! It is undoubtedly the issue that will make or break the … [Read more...]

First Day of School Activities


Staying Sane While You Launch a Great New Year What's a teacher's number one goal for first day of school activities? I can't speak for others, but my goal is simple: I want the children to buy into me completely as their teacher / leader by the end of the day. Getting Kids to Buy … [Read more...]

Managing Elementary Art Projects

"What? Clean up? Me?!"

These tips on managing your elementary art projects will remove the headaches and mess that keep many teachers from engaging in them. Tools vs. toys As I outline in my pages on "the first days of school," I keep markers and other artistic tools in community buckets and out of students' desks. … [Read more...]

Making the Student Line Up Work


Good classroom behavior management for the student line up is critical to keep your students from interfering with the learning of other classes. Left to themselves, kids will become a thundering herd moving from point A to point B sweeping everything in their path. This is not good for the … [Read more...]

The School Field Trip Guide for Success

"Field trip? Let's go!"

"Fun with a purpose" means extending your inside classroom behavior management to the outside School field trip. That phrase is enough to strike fear into the heart of any teacher. If there is a setting that includes all of the potential situations for misbehavior, this … [Read more...]

Talking-in-Class Solution Part 1

"I'm not talking...I'm whispering!"

Part 1: Defining the Problem & Setting Expectations

Creative teaching ideas are born from everyday classroom issues. When it comes to issues, every teacher, without exception, has had to deal with a student who simply cannot stop talking in class. There are different categories of … [Read more...]

First Day of School Activity

"Yep...Try it again!"

Final Preparations, a Few Expectations A perennial first day of school activity is the last-minute rush! An elementary teacher should always assume there will be last-minute changes to her class list. It is very important that we are ready to quickly produce another name tag, or another label … [Read more...]

Tattling in School

"And then she said..."

Tattling at School: The Fine Line Between Good and Bad "Telling"

Question: My classroom has a rule against excessive tattling in school. Recently, I have encountered issues in which a student felt physically or emotionally threatened, but didn't tell me so as not to … [Read more...]

Effective Classroom Rewards

Just say "no"

"Never underestimate the power of just noticing...the greatest classroom awards for student effort is a teacher who cares." This quote of mine sums up my feelings on the value (or lack of value) of a classroom awards system, or the use of classroom rewards to encourage effort or … [Read more...]