Teaching with Technology

Technology integration in the classroom

What is it with humans and anything "tech?" Teaching with technology is, without a doubt, the most automatically engaging approach to student instruction that exists.

I don't mean to say that it's the only engaging approach... just the one that can be relied upon to catch kids' interest no matter what application or curriculum it is used for.

Technology integration in the classroom - NOT babysitting

Quiz time: Is there any difference between plugging a toddler into a Disney movie to keep him quiet and plugging a student into an educational gaming site to keep him quiet?

Answer: Very little... IF the content of the web game is disconnected from the curriculum for the grade level.

These articles will help you use engaging technology in the most-effective manner.

NOTE: This section is under construction.

Connecting Classrooms with Skype

Hands-on computer usage is extremely engaging to children. Technology integration in the classroom in any form increases retention of knowledge; adding videoconferencing takes it to a level that is difficult to top.